May 3-5, 2002 – Music Midtown Festival – Atlanta, GA

March 3, 2012

The Music Midtown Festival is the only multi-day festival I have been to and it was a blast!  Three days of the broadest range of entertainment I have ever seen assembled in one place.  I went with Nina, Renee, Johnny (GA friends) and RichardG drove up from Gainesville to join us.  The entire festival lineup is ridiculous so I only bothered to list the bands that we saw.


Jethro Tull | Injected | Res | Hoobastank | Incubus


Bubba Sparxx | Adema | Bone Thugs N’ Harmony | Counting Crows | Skid Row | Kid Rock


Earshot | Remy Zero | Garbage | Rick James | Mystikal | Puddle of Mudd | No Doubt


Oct 25, 2001 – Bush – The Joint @ Hard Rock Hotel, Las Vegas NV

March 3, 2012

I was at a national user group conference for work and looked up local concerts in Vegas to see what was shaking and caught a Bush concert at the Hard Rock.  The were touring for the Golden State album, long past their prime, but it was still a decent show regardless. I went alone because I had nothing but work lame-o’s with me at the time.  I can’t find any info about the opening band and of course I can’t recall either.

Oct 2, 2001 – Tori Amos – Fox Theatre, Atlanta GA

March 3, 2012

A couple of friends from work (GA years), Ronnie and Allison, had an extra ticket to see Tori Amos on the Strange Little Tour in promotion of her Strange Little Girls album. Not being one to turn down free concerts and all, a road trip was soon underway.  I hadn’t been exposed to Tori Amos beyond a couple of singles.  Her show was definitely a stark contrast to the concerts I had been to before, so that was a nice change. She definitely has a very haunting style all her own and now that I am more familiar with her music, I think I would enjoy her shows considerably more.  If anyone has free tickets again, I am down.

She didn’t have a set list for this tour at all, she just played different songs at each stop going by whatever she felt at the moment.  In her words, “Every night will be different – I’m working off 10 years of records.”  The setlist for this show (no, I had to look it up HERE) was:

’97 Bonnie & Clyde | Past the Mission | Upside Down | Take to the Sky | China | I Don’t Like Mondays | Beauty Queen/Horses | Leather | Lust | Rattlesnakes | This Old Man/Crucify | Marianne | Me and a Gun | Over the Rainbow
Encore 1: Enjoy the Silence | Baker Baker
Encore 2: Beulah Land | Playboy Mommy | Landslide 

I Debo’d these photos of this actual concert from the Interwebs –

Jul 14, 2001 – Ozzfest – Tropicana Field, St. Petersburg, FL

March 2, 2012
What can I say about all-day festivals like Ozzfest?  They are fun, hectic, not great sound, in daylight too much, tiring, etc.  There was so much going on at this festival – just look at the lineup.  I can’t even begin to capture the day in words so the lineup and some live pics from that tour will have to suffice.
  • Main Stage:

Black Sabbath, Marilyn Manson, Slipknot, Papa Roach, Linkin Park, Disturbed, Crazy Town, Black Label Society

  • Second Stage:

Mudvayne, The Union Underground, Taproot, Nonpoint, Drowning Pool, Spineshank , Hatebreed , Otep , No One ,Pressure 4-5 , American Head Charge , Five Pointe O, Pure Rubbish, Beautiful Creatures

Dec 19, 2000 – Limp Bizkit with Godsmack – Jacksonville Coliseum, Jacksonville FL

March 2, 2012

The inaugural Anger Management Tour with Limp Bizkit, Godsmack, Eminem and Sinistar.  DMX was on the bill but was a no-show presumably due to an asthma attack – the first of TWO times he bailed on a concert I paid money for.  DMX can bite my bag…he owes me two shows…ol’ wheezin punk-ass.

The whole event was insane from beginning to end and my good friend RichardG and can affirm how beast this show was.  All bands performances were phenomenal with the exception of the opener, Sinistar (meh).  Eminem, just having released The Marshall Mathers LP, had the psycho-chainsaw-massacre-killer entrance and put on a solid set.  One standout memory for the night was how intense it was to be in the pit and on the floor.  During Godsmack’s set (promoting Awake), Sully split the crowd down the middle and pushed everyone out of the middle and towards the walls.  He got down on the floor in the middle of the gap and commanded the pit to collapse on him as soon as the song kicked back in.  We all happily obliged and when that song kicked in again, it was like a football scrimmage across the entire floor with Sully in the middle of it all.  Absolute pandemonium.  When Limp Bizkit (promoting  Chocolate Starfish & The Hot Dog Flavored Water) took the stage, the entire floor, from front to back, without exception, was jumping, pogoing, and slamming into everyone around them.  It ranks up there with pit intensity to rival any show I’ve ever been to.

The other big deal was the massive Shogun Robot that emerged for the Limp Bizkit set spewing fire, sparks and smoke.  You can’t go wrong with giant robots that breath fire, you just can’t.  Show was amazing.  Wes’ costumes are always entertaining as well.

Nov 5, 2000 – Deftones – UNF Arena, Jacksonville FL

March 2, 2012

My first of MANY Deftones concerts to come – by far my favorite band live!  My buddy RichardG went with, also a huge Deftones fan.  The opening bands were Taproot and Incubus and nothing makes me happier than a rock concert with three really great bands.  It just seems to be the perfect mix to a great show.  I can’t stand waiting through weak opening bands and only seeing one good act all night.  More than three and you start to get fatigued from the pit and the intense volumes after hour 4.  So three killer bands like this on a bill is the sweet spot if you ask me.

Taproot was touring in support of their one good album, Gift; Incubus in support of their breakout album, and what I consider their best album, Make Yourself; and Deftones were out for their album White Pony, arguably one of their best.  Show was polished, heavy, loud, physical.  Damn near perfection.

Sep 29, 2000 – Dixie Chicks – Ice Palace Arena, Tampa FL

March 1, 2012

My third country music concert – Dixie Chicks on the Fly Tour in support of the album of the same name.  Unlike most other country music, I love ’em and I freely admit it with no shame…well, some mild shame.  So Mary, Zachary (age 2), and a buddy’s soon-to-be-ex-wife went to the show as he had no desire to see a country concert of any kind.  Zach loved it!  The Chicks were awesome and he was thoroughly entertained by the entire spectacle.  Ricky Skaggs was the opening act.