Apr 7, 2005 – Sevendust – House Of Blues, Orlando FL

May 30, 2012

Now my 7th time seeing Sevendust all on tours to support Seasons, I was getting ready for some new material.  They still kill live though, I don’t care how many nights in a row I watch them.  The opener was Skindred, now my third time seeing them as well.  They are great live…very energetic, odd, and crazy.  I went to this one alone because everyone else was “getting burned out on 7D”…heathens…had to leave them behind.  Take note, the pic below features the replacement guitarist, Sonny Mayo, as it should for this concert.  You didn’t think I would bother, huh?  Wrong.  I care.


Mar 13, 2005 – Chevelle – House Of Blues, Orlando FL

May 30, 2012

Next up was Chevelle touring in support of This Type Of Thinking (Could Do Us In). These guys were all business, with as solid a two hour set as you could ask for.  They have so much punch live, so crisp, with great cutting riffs, vocals and screams.  The opening bands were Helmet, Crossfade, and Future Leaders Of The World and Joe, Candice and Nikki went to the show.

Dec 18, 2004 – Nonpoint – House Of Blues, Orlando FL

May 29, 2012

Nonpoint was touring for the Recoil album and they always put on a rockin show.  There is no info on the interwebs about the opening act and I am drawing a blank but this was my third time seeing Nonpoint and I recall that Joe and Candice went with me, but I don’t have any other details.  Should have started the blog sooner before my memory started to dissolve…

Dec 6, 2004 – Korn – Hard Rock Live, Orlando FL

May 29, 2012

Korn was touring in support of their Greatest Hits album, but their fame as well as their music were both already fading at this point and they were headed into band roster changes and a string of four lackluster albums over the coming years.  But like I always say – that doesn’t stop a band from having killer concerts if they have enough hits.  And Korn most certainly does and the concert was killer.  I still have a jacked up right knee to this day because of how busted up I got in the pit right after “ARRRRRRE YOOOOOOOOU READAAAAAAAY?!?!?” when Blind kicks in.  The floor at the Hard Rock used to be painted concrete, which was pretty slippery when wet – perfect for a club, right?  It has been covered with a wooden floor now but back then if you hit the floor, you hit it hard.  Nina went with me and the opening bands were three super-tight sets by Skindred, Chevelle, and Breaking Benjamin.

Dec 3, 2004 – Sevendust – House Of Blues, Orlando FL

May 29, 2012

So this was the 6th time seeing Sevendust – 4 as main band, once as opener, once at a festival…all from the hugely successful Seasons album and tour and all of them were awesome.  They also released Southside Double Wide in 2004, an acoustic live album, but I don’t really count that toward the tour.  I think this was when Joe and Candice started going to concerts with me during the years we were all friends.  The opening band was Bobaflex and I they immediately won me over.  They are are a trip to see live…very kooky, super energetic, and even purposely funny at times.  Always very solid musically though.

Side trivia – this was the last performance by Clint Lowery with Sevendust for four years as he left 7D to play in his brother’s band, Dark New Day, being replaced by Sonny Mayo until 2008 when he returned.