May 26, 2006 – Skindred – House Of Blues, Orlando FL

April 9, 2013

Skindred did only two shows in the US in Spring 2006, one of them being at the House of Blues in Orlando.  They were heading back into the studio, finally wrapping up touring for the Babylon debut album.  I can’t find any information about opening band, but I remember going with Joe and his clan.  Skindred is a crazy, fun band…hard not to enjoy their shows regardless of how well you know their songs.  I found the set list posted online for this show:

Bruises, Firing The Love, Set It Off, World Domination, Selector, (new song?), Pressure, Start First, Babylon, The Fear, Nobody

Skindred 2006 Skindred+RelentlessEnergyDrinkK


Apr 30, 2006 – Earthday Birthday Lucky 13 – Tinker Field, Orlando FL

April 9, 2013


Another brutal all-day dirt-fest in the hot sun in Orlando!  The bands taking the stages at Earthday Birthday this year were Mudvayne, Rob Zombie, Staind, Shinedown, Lacuna Coil, Nonpoint, Trapt, Hinder, Evans Blue, and Faktion.  Always a hot mess at the all day festivals.  Skipping the pics…can’t find any relevant to this concert.

Earthday Birthday 2006

Dec 29, 2005 – Crossfade – House Of Blues, Orlando FL

April 9, 2013

The headline band was not my primary interest as we all know Crossfade has only one or two decent singles.  I was there to see Nonpoint again as they were a growing favorite for me around this time.  The other opener was some unheard and unmemorable band called Namedropper.  Should be called labeldropper as in their label should drop them.  Anyway, Nonpoint was kick ass and Crossfade didn’t suck so it was a good concert in all!

2012-06-04 20.28.35Nonpoint 2005

Dec 6, 2005 – Staind – House Of Blues, Orlando FL

April 9, 2013

Now this concert was one to be remembered not necessarily for the performances, but because I had a BACKSTAGE PASS, BITCHES!  I got to meet the guys from Staind, get autographs on the stub, and hang out with them after the show. Staind was touring following the release of their Chapter V album with opening bands P.O.D., Taproot, and Flyleaf.  The story behind me getting backstage access is somewhat odd in nature…  It came about because of Aaron Lewis’ love of golf.  As I would find out, Aaron Lewis – lead singer of Staind – was an avid golfer.  I happened to work at Golf Channel at the time and one of the guys who worked in PR was high school friends with Aaron and convinced him to do a guest spot on a show.  He agreed and the rest is history.  I met him at the shoot, he gave us several backstage passes and then was gracious enough to hang out with us after the show for an hour or so in the talent room backstage at the House of Blues.  Very cool!

I spent the concert in the pit, though – don’t get it twisted!

Staind 2005Staind 2005 Aaron Lewis