Another sick (hed) p.e. concert, following up their Insomnia release.  Openers were Dirtball, Potluck, and OPM.  Here is the set list I found on the web – you can’t ask for a better show!!!  Regardless of the opening bands sucking horribly, Hed is always on point – ALWAYS!!!   HED PE!! WHAT?!?! HED PE!! WHAT?!?!

Madhouse, Not Ded Yet, Firsty, Killing Time, Waiting To Die, Bartender, Sophia, Novus Ordus Clitorus, Garden Grove, No Woman No Cry, Let’s Ride, Peer Pressure, Raise Hell, Truth, CBC, Comeova2night, Children, RTO, Crazy Legs.

(hed) p.e. 2008 (hed) p.e. 2008 (hed) p.e. 2008 (hed) p.e. 2008