May 8, 2007 – (hed) p.e. – House Of Blues, Orlando FL

December 29, 2013

My 2nd FAVORITE band of all time – (hed) p.e. – on tour and weeks away from dropping their album Insomnia.  They hit the stage all in scarves covering their faces and opening with a brand new song no one had heard (Madhouse) – SO EVIL SOUNDING AND SICK!!!  That was perhaps the SKETCHIEST feeling at the opening if a concert I have ever experienced.  I thought we were all going to die and go straight to hell – it felt like he was channeling the devil himself in that vocal delivery.  LOVED IT!!  Openers were Authority Zero, Mower and Villebillies.  Now its not often that I geek out over an unknown opening band, but let me tell ya – Villebillies are the SHIZZ – an 8-man band that blends Bluegrass, Rock and Hip-Hop.  I promise you haven’t heard anything like them.  I now am a rabid fan!

(hed) p.e. 2007 (hed) p.e. 2007 (hed) p.e. 2007 Villebillies 2007 Authority Zero 2007


Feb 1, 2007 – Jamie Foxx – Amway Arena, Orlando FL

December 29, 2013

Jamie Foxx had an amazing Unpredictable Tour back in 2007, shortly following his Oscar-winning performance in Ray.  He did comedy, he sang R&B, he even did his RAY persona for several songs.  Truly a multi-talented man and very memorable show.  Fantasia opened.

Jamie Foxx 2007 Jamie Foxx 2007  Jamie Foxx 2007 Fantasia 2007

Dec 3, 2006 – Papa Roach – House Of Blues, Orlando FL

December 29, 2013

Papa Roach on tour promoting their Getting Away With Murder album, with KICK ASS (hed) p.e. and some other band called Bullets & Octane in tow as well.  This concert was pure nutty – you can’t go wrong with this combo!!

Papa Roach 2006 Papa Roach 2006 (hed) p.e. 2006

Nov 18, 2006 – Carlos Mencia – Hard Rock Live, Orlando FL

December 29, 2013

Carlos Mencia live on The Punisher Tour at the height of his short-lived 15 minutes of fame.  I believe this was around season 2 or 3 of Mind of Mencia and the show was hilarious!  DEE-DE-DEE!!!  Too bad he fell off the map shortly after – he was a great comic.

Carlos Mencia 2006  Carlos Mencia 2006 Carlos Mencia 2006

Oct 4, 2006 – Nonpoint – House Of Blues, Orlando FL

December 29, 2013

Nonpoint still touring late after their To The Pain album.  No additional info available.  Sorry, folks.  I suck as bad at research as I do at remembering shit, apparently.

Nonpoint 2006Nonpoint 2006

May 26, 2006 – Skindred – House Of Blues, Orlando FL

April 9, 2013

Skindred did only two shows in the US in Spring 2006, one of them being at the House of Blues in Orlando.  They were heading back into the studio, finally wrapping up touring for the Babylon debut album.  I can’t find any information about opening band, but I remember going with Joe and his clan.  Skindred is a crazy, fun band…hard not to enjoy their shows regardless of how well you know their songs.  I found the set list posted online for this show:

Bruises, Firing The Love, Set It Off, World Domination, Selector, (new song?), Pressure, Start First, Babylon, The Fear, Nobody

Skindred 2006 Skindred+RelentlessEnergyDrinkK

Apr 30, 2006 – Earthday Birthday Lucky 13 – Tinker Field, Orlando FL

April 9, 2013


Another brutal all-day dirt-fest in the hot sun in Orlando!  The bands taking the stages at Earthday Birthday this year were Mudvayne, Rob Zombie, Staind, Shinedown, Lacuna Coil, Nonpoint, Trapt, Hinder, Evans Blue, and Faktion.  Always a hot mess at the all day festivals.  Skipping the pics…can’t find any relevant to this concert.

Earthday Birthday 2006