Jul 17, 2008 – (hed) p.e. – The Social, Orlando FL

December 29, 2013

Another sick (hed) p.e. concert, following up their Insomnia release.  Openers were Dirtball, Potluck, and OPM.  Here is the set list I found on the web – you can’t ask for a better show!!!  Regardless of the opening bands sucking horribly, Hed is always on point – ALWAYS!!!   HED PE!! WHAT?!?! HED PE!! WHAT?!?!

Madhouse, Not Ded Yet, Firsty, Killing Time, Waiting To Die, Bartender, Sophia, Novus Ordus Clitorus, Garden Grove, No Woman No Cry, Let’s Ride, Peer Pressure, Raise Hell, Truth, CBC, Comeova2night, Children, RTO, Crazy Legs.

(hed) p.e. 2008 (hed) p.e. 2008 (hed) p.e. 2008 (hed) p.e. 2008


May 8, 2007 – (hed) p.e. – House Of Blues, Orlando FL

December 29, 2013

My 2nd FAVORITE band of all time – (hed) p.e. – on tour and weeks away from dropping their album Insomnia.  They hit the stage all in scarves covering their faces and opening with a brand new song no one had heard (Madhouse) – SO EVIL SOUNDING AND SICK!!!  That was perhaps the SKETCHIEST feeling at the opening if a concert I have ever experienced.  I thought we were all going to die and go straight to hell – it felt like he was channeling the devil himself in that vocal delivery.  LOVED IT!!  Openers were Authority Zero, Mower and Villebillies.  Now its not often that I geek out over an unknown opening band, but let me tell ya – Villebillies are the SHIZZ – an 8-man band that blends Bluegrass, Rock and Hip-Hop.  I promise you haven’t heard anything like them.  I now am a rabid fan!

(hed) p.e. 2007 (hed) p.e. 2007 (hed) p.e. 2007 Villebillies 2007 Authority Zero 2007

Dec 3, 2006 – Papa Roach – House Of Blues, Orlando FL

December 29, 2013

Papa Roach on tour promoting their Getting Away With Murder album, with KICK ASS (hed) p.e. and some other band called Bullets & Octane in tow as well.  This concert was pure nutty – you can’t go wrong with this combo!!

Papa Roach 2006 Papa Roach 2006 (hed) p.e. 2006

Sep 12, 2000 – Papa Roach – The Masquerade, Tampa FL

March 1, 2012

Papa Roach touring on their biggest album, Infest, along with my first exposure to (hed) p.e. and Taproot, who were the opening acts.  This was when I became hooked on (hed) p.e. like it was musical crack.  Still in my top 10 favorite bands to this day.  All three bands put on blazing sets and kept it high energy the entire night.  It was quite an intense pit – I started getting more into the mosh pits around this time.  My good friend RichardG went with me and we partied in Ybor afterward.  Solid show all the way around.