Dec 13, 2007 – Skindred and Nonpoint – House Of Blues, Orlando FL

December 29, 2013

You can’t go wrong with at double headliner night!!  Skindred and Nonpoint, with openers Karnivool and Ankla.  Skindred is extremely comical live – a very fun band that doesn’t take anything seriously except their music.  And Nonpoint is up in my top 10 always!

Skindred and Nonpoint 2007 Skindred 2007 Nonpoint 2007


May 26, 2006 – Skindred – House Of Blues, Orlando FL

April 9, 2013

Skindred did only two shows in the US in Spring 2006, one of them being at the House of Blues in Orlando.  They were heading back into the studio, finally wrapping up touring for the Babylon debut album.  I can’t find any information about opening band, but I remember going with Joe and his clan.  Skindred is a crazy, fun band…hard not to enjoy their shows regardless of how well you know their songs.  I found the set list posted online for this show:

Bruises, Firing The Love, Set It Off, World Domination, Selector, (new song?), Pressure, Start First, Babylon, The Fear, Nobody

Skindred 2006 Skindred+RelentlessEnergyDrinkK

Apr 7, 2005 – Sevendust – House Of Blues, Orlando FL

May 30, 2012

Now my 7th time seeing Sevendust all on tours to support Seasons, I was getting ready for some new material.  They still kill live though, I don’t care how many nights in a row I watch them.  The opener was Skindred, now my third time seeing them as well.  They are great live…very energetic, odd, and crazy.  I went to this one alone because everyone else was “getting burned out on 7D”…heathens…had to leave them behind.  Take note, the pic below features the replacement guitarist, Sonny Mayo, as it should for this concert.  You didn’t think I would bother, huh?  Wrong.  I care.

Dec 6, 2004 – Korn – Hard Rock Live, Orlando FL

May 29, 2012

Korn was touring in support of their Greatest Hits album, but their fame as well as their music were both already fading at this point and they were headed into band roster changes and a string of four lackluster albums over the coming years.  But like I always say – that doesn’t stop a band from having killer concerts if they have enough hits.  And Korn most certainly does and the concert was killer.  I still have a jacked up right knee to this day because of how busted up I got in the pit right after “ARRRRRRE YOOOOOOOOU READAAAAAAAY?!?!?” when Blind kicks in.  The floor at the Hard Rock used to be painted concrete, which was pretty slippery when wet – perfect for a club, right?  It has been covered with a wooden floor now but back then if you hit the floor, you hit it hard.  Nina went with me and the opening bands were three super-tight sets by Skindred, Chevelle, and Breaking Benjamin.

Jul 15, 2004 – Sevendust – House Of Blues, Orlando FL

April 11, 2012

Yes, this is the exact same Sevendust/Nonpoint/Skindred show I saw last night in St Pete (see previous post), now one night later in Orlando.  Some slight differences this time: 1 – HOB is a WAY better venue than stank Jannus Landing, 2 – Nina went to the show with me, and 3 – I GOT A GUITAR PICK, BIRCHES!!!  The entire show was again excellent and the icing on the cake was that Nina kept begging for me to give her the custom, one-of-a-kind 7D pick that I fought for – AS IF?!  You must be outside of your mind.

Jul 14, 2004 – Sevendust – Jannus Landing Courtyard, St. Petersburg FL

April 11, 2012

I am here to bear witness that I got JasonR to a Sevendust concert once!  This was show #3 from the 7D Seasons tour and this time they brought opening acts Skindred, promoting Babylon, and Nonpoint, supporting Recoil, both great bands that made for a awesome triple bill, what I still claim is the sweet spot for concert perfection.  We didn’t make it in time to see Travesty Theory, the throw-away opener.

I remember the entire courtyard just being one big pit during Nonpoint and especially Sevedust.  Jason and I got separated during 7D and all I remember is the walk back to the car after the show, a sloppy post-pit mess, and seeing this guy walking ahead of me in a saggy, soppy wife beater and khakis…it was Jason.  In leftover work clothes minus his shirt.  He claimed to have been in the fray and judging from his level of dishevelment, I had no reason to doubt him.

As I look at the pics below, I wonder why they didn’t name this leg of the tour something like “Attack of the Dreads” or “The Dreadnaut”.  Guess they aren’t as clever as me.